The puppy felt uncomfortable in the new house … Then the man arranged a secret room for his pet! :)

Often, owners treat their pets like children, trying to create the best conditions for them.
For example, David Maceo and his wife recently moved into their new home after living with their parents for a while. The Hennessy puppy lives with them.

David began to notice that their pet did not feel very comfortable in the new house. He understood that the dog needed its own corner where it could rest and play.
“We have a very small house, there is not enough space. But I had an obsession that Hennessy should have his own room,” says David.

David tried to find a suitable place in the house for the dog, but nothing worked. A few days later, the man had a real insight! In the evening he went down the stairs inside the house, and felt empty under the steps.

Over the next month, the man worked on furnishing a home for his pet. David has a very busy work schedule, so he took care of the dog room on his only day off, Sunday.

After the building work was finished, it was time to paint the walls and floor.
At the end, David hung some photographic portraits on the walls.
“There is a photo of Brother Hennessy here. I also decided to hang a portrait of me and my wife, I think he will not mind,” says David.

The man was very worried about whether the pet would like this room. David put some food inside and waited. Hennessy entered, looked around, and began to eat. After that, he lay down to rest and did not leave his new room for about an hour.
Now the pet spends a lot of time in his shelter under the stairs. He really likes a small cozy room.

David is very glad that Hennessy liked the home, because a lot of work was invested in its arrangement!)
“Hennessy is the best dog in the world, he is like a son to me,” says David.

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