The poor kitten was thrown out of the car onto the highway. The woman did what was necessary to save his life at all costs.

Earlier in August, Nicole DiLorenzo was driving on the Goshen Expressway near Middletown, Connecticut, United States, when she saw the unthinkable.

Someone ahead of her on the road threw what looked like a small animal out of the window of her silver sedan.
Only when he stopped falling did Nicole realize that he was a poor ginger kitten.

“I can’t remember how someone threw this young guy out of a moving car, but I didn’t dream about it. I just don’t have an explanation,» Nicole said.

Nicole didn’t hesitate for a second. Despite dangerous traffic during this rush hour, she stopped her car and then stopped traffic to help the unfortunate man.

“I am grateful that people agreed to stop, and I thank those who helped me get him to a safe place,” Nicole said.
The Good Samaritan took the baby home in anticipation of a visit to the vet.

He greedily ate, drank and used the toilet before falling into a deep sleep. However, Nicole was worried that if there were only a few superficial injuries on her body, then more serious internal injuries should probably be regretted.

The vet took an emergency x-ray. It turned out that his ribs were broken and his skull was fractured. In addition, the blood in his chest prevented him from breathing normally.

Thanks to Nicole’s care and love, the kitten is slowly getting better. His tenacity is admirable.“It was a traumatic experience to save this little child,” admitted Nicole, who still devotes all her time to him.

Let’s hope that soon he will be able to frolic and fully enjoy his new caring mistress.

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