The poor animals were abandoned by their owner, who left the place, leaving them there. The Association is doing everything to help them!

Residents of the Birkenhead area, the English county of Merseyside, contacted the authorities to report the horrific incident.

Many cats have been left to fend for themselves in the home after their owners moved out.

So RSPCA investigators Emma Dingley, Lisa Lupson, and Helen Smith went to see what was being said. Upon their arrival, they might indeed regret the inhuman living conditions in which the felines had survived.

Several dozen cats were hiding under the furniture. At the scene, investigators noticed that the cats did not eat or drink and wandered among the garbage.
«Some lived on the couch, and it is believed that babies were born inside pillows,» Emma said.

The poor animals were scared and sick. Flea infestation really undermined the health of the most fragile specimens.
So 3 women set humane traps to catch them. “In 3 days, a total of 25 cats and kittens were retrieved, ranging in age from one week to 4 years. 10 more than expected. Unfortunately, two of the little ones died of anemia,” Emma said.

The cats, in poor condition, were taken to the RSPCA branch in Wirral and Chester. They were given emergency care aimed at permanently ridding them of fleas and worms. In addition, they were re-fed to achieve their ideal weight.

“They were frightened and clearly had little contact with people. Therefore, we are working with them now to help them overcome this fear and socialize. Despite this, they are all beautiful and have a good temperament,” explained Kay Hawthorne, director of the shelter.

Several cats have already been adopted into loving homes. More introverts are still looking for their future owners.
“With a little patience and love, they will gain confidence,” Kay assured.

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