The poor animal was fighting for life, hanging in the water. Luckily, help arrived just in time.

On Saturday, July 16, 2022, firefighters were urgently called to help a dog that had fallen into a deep well more than 10 meters deep. The poor beast fought for life, hanging in the water. Luckily, help arrived just in time.

Yoyo, as she is nicknamed, lives with her owner Sarah Dean and her family on a 3-hectare property in Okoni County, South Carolina, USA.

On the evening of Friday, July 15, 2022, Yoyo went out for a walk alone. “I thought she was chasing squirrels, so I figured I could go to bed and she would come home whenever she wanted. But she didn’t, and we were very worried in the early morning,” Sarah said in an interview with the Athens Banner-Herald.
So the whole family went in search of Yoyo. A few hours later, Sarah’s husband found her. She was at the bottom of a deep well filled with water. “The protective coating of the abandoned well was damaged when an oak tree fell on it,” he said.

The couple could not descend into the cavity. So the emergency services were called. The Gwinnett County Rescue Team dispatched 17 officers to the scene. Bruce Thaxton, chief of operations, explained that bushes and trees had to be cleared first so that the firefighter could reach the mine.

The diminutive woman put on her harness and descended to Yoyo. “She was a real superhero! She was compassionate and kind to my beloved dog,” shared an appreciative Sarah.

The rescuer really lifted Yoyo, which weighs at least 31 kilograms, towards the exit.

“I don’t know how she managed to swim for so long. The water was really deep. When I got to her, she immediately clung to me,” said the rescuer.
Shortly before 13:00, Yoyo was again among his own. She was immediately given oxygen and taken to the nearest veterinary clinic.

Fortunately, after 24 hours of observation, she was able to return home in great shape. Dean’s family warmly thanked the rescuers who did a wonderful job. Who was overwhelmed by Yoyo’s survival instinct.

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