The Police of Ena pay tribute to Falco, their first drug-detecting dog!

3 years after his retirement, Falco, a police dog with a brilliant career, passed away peacefully earlier this week. The sad news was shared by the national police of Ena, in which he served for 8 years.

On Monday morning, the Ena National Police honored the memory of one of their officers by posting photos of Falco, the first drug research dog. He died on Monday, September 19, at the age of 12.

Among his combat exploits are «several strikes of 50, 60,000 euros, the strongest of which is at 62,000, not that common.» In particular, he owes his medal in 2016 to an operation during which he sniffed what he was being prepared for in the dashboard of a car. After dismantling, the police found 50,000 euros in cash.

Falco was a Malinois from the Nantes region. Unable to keep him close to her, the elderly lady broke up with him at Nantes SPA when he was about a year old. The Association, perhaps finding some ability in him, offered him to the National Training Center for Canine Units in Cannes-Ecluse.

The young dog was trained there for five months to detect cannabis, heroin, cocaine and amphetamines, as well as banknotes. He joined the Aisne National Police in 2014.

together with his cynologist Ludovic Cartin, he was a source of important catches. One of them, made in January 2016, even brought the dog a medal.

During his 8-year career, the dog was behind the seizure of 68 kg of cannabis resin and more than 350,000 euros in cash.

“Support Ludovic at this sad moment,” one can read in the publication of the National Police of the Aisne, which thus honored the memory of the real four-legged pioneer and shared the pain of his master.

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