The owners of Buggsy, a cat who had been missing at the airport for 10 long days, had to suffer terribly.

The animal had to survive in especially difficult conditions, in addition to being away from his owners.

In Australia, an elderly cat was found alive and unharmed after a 10-day absence. The cat got lost at Melbourne airport before a staff member found it.

Buggy’s misadventures began on July 23rd. That evening, she accompanied her 72-year-old owner by car. The latter had just made the long journey from his home in Bendigo in order to reach the airport, where his wife was waiting for him.

The escape took place in an airport parking lot. Probably frightened by these unfamiliar places, the cat ran away. The couple spent hours looking for her everywhere, but to no avail. He had to decide to go home without her, heartbroken.

Their daughter multiplied the calls for witnesses on social media in the hope of seeing Buggsy again, but she was nowhere to be found.

Late Tuesday evening, August 2, a Melbourne airport employee discovered a cat hidden in a muddy ditch near one of the terminals. The animal suffered from cold, but was safe and sound.

The meeting took place that evening in the family circle. Back at home, Buggsy was bathed, warmed and fed before he got a well-deserved night’s rest.

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