The Owner Gasped At What She Saw In The Kitchen: The Dogs Were Painted Purple…

All owners of cats or dogs will undoubtedly say that they love their pets the most. They can even forgive them for any prank. Do not be surprised at this, because pets are very fond of pranks, and after that the apartment will be like a battlefield!

One woman’s pets got so bored at home that they came up with a playful activity. Upon returning home, the hostess was surprised. Her dogs turned purple and her kitchen looked like a purple paradise! The hostess thought it was some kind of paint.

The kitchen looked like the scene of a bloody battle, but she calmed down quickly because there was not even a scratch on her beloved dogs!

Dragon fruit or exotic pitaya was found by pets in the kitchen of the house. The color of the fruit is coloring and the dogs decided to play pranks by smearing themselves in purple.

The owner of the pets captured everything on camera. The video made a splash on social media.
I wonder how the hostess washed this horror?

Even after a good bath, the fur of the pets left traces of the “purple” battle!
Nothing worse than the original color. Not bad, right?

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