The New Cat Shelter Dedicated To The Memory Of A Young Cat Lover Who Tragically Passed Away 4 Years Ago

On May 18, 2018, Kimberly Vaughn and 9 others were killed in a shooting at a Texas high school. The teenager had 2 passions in life, in this case cats and Harry Potter. The local shelter dedicates a whole part of its building to his memory and takes care of seriously ill felines.

Wednesday, May 18, will mark the sad anniversary of the fatal Santa Fe, Texas high school shooting. 4 years ago, a 17-year-old teenager shot and killed 2 teachers and 8 high school students. One of the victims, Kimberly Vaughn, was 15 years old.

To honor his memory, Dickinson-based Bayou Animal Services has renovated an entire wing that will be used to house cats with FIV, or feline AIDS. It has been renamed Kim’s Cat Haven in honor of the deceased, FOX 26 Houston reported Sunday, May 15.

During her lifetime, Kimberly Vaughn loved cats. She always told her mother Rhonda Hart that when she grew up she would not have children but 17 cats. Kim would have turned nineteen.

Rhonda Hart and the Kim’s Cat Haven team put their heart and soul into this project and worked on it for 2 and a half years, but its implementation was delayed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The mother and volunteers made sure to combine the worlds of the cat and Harry Potter, of which the high school student was a big fan.

A shelter for a sick cats that Kim would be proud of!

Each of the residents of Kim’s Cat Haven will be named after characters from Harry Potter. There is already one of the elders of the reception structure, Dobby, whose name was inspired by the elf Dobby. A young cat named Ron Weasley, Harry and Hermione’s best friend, will join him.

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