The Most Fashionable: This Dog Has More Outfits Than You!

The hairstyle, like Elvis, is no worse — it seems that we envy this dog. What is the secret of his luxurious style?

Now the Yorkshire Terrier Teddy is a real star in an world scale, but everything could have developed completely differently. A tiny three -month puppy was taken from the nursery to give a little boy for his birthday. They had to grow together, gain strength, experience and knowledge. But at the first examination by the veterinarian it turned out that the puppy suffered from an umbilical hernia. He needed an operation. It turned out that the family could not afford such expenses for the dog, although they became very attached to it. And then the boy and his mother decided to find Teddy new owners.
The man who agreed to help was Adrian — a 20 -year -old student from Bratislava. Two weeks later, she already had an operated and completely healthy dog ​​in her hands — though in need of rehabilitation.

But how did the ordinary dog ​​become the Instagram star? Even when he was a puppy, Adriana noticed that his hair retains shape after combing. And neither varnishes nor mousses are needed — especially since human cosmetics cannot be used on dogs — keep it in mind! One clever movement-and the Yorkshire Terrier turned into the king of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley.

Adriana began to take off the dog first for herself — for entertainment, and took Teddy her own page in social networks. The girl fell in love with dressing a doggie: banties ties, sparkling sweatshirts, even glasses!
After the first photo shoots, advertising proposals rained down to the dog — Adriana began to write brands of clothing for animals from around the world. Offer elegant collars, suits and boots. Exactly so, with diminutive suffixes: because if you dreamed of being born a fabulous princess, now you are jealous of Teddy’s wardrobe with us.

Teddy has its own cabinet, where, on the one hand, all its sweaters and sweaters hang on the tiny hangers — incredibly cute, on the other — multi -colored collars, and on the shelf are glasses and even an almost real crown. The dog never goes for a walk, even in the heat itself — after all, he has a separate collection of neck scarves.

And here is the secret of luxurious styling from Teddy: wash your head for a pet only once a month so as not to dry your hair and not deprive it of a natural secret. After washing, rub natural oils — most often Teddy uses coconut. Before the photo shoot, sprinkle the wool with fresh water from the spray gun and comb.

You are great!

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