The miracle of sincere love! A childless dog was given a kitten — and she began to feed him … with milk! (Video)

The strongest love in the world is maternal! And even if the child is adopted. And even if the mother is a dog, and the child is a cat! 🙂
Animals feel and understand a lot, and life sometimes gives them amazing chances. So it happened with a kind dog named Mittens.

Her owner, pensioner Patricia, once found an abandoned kitten in the barn. He was terribly cold, could not move, but only weakly squeaked. Patricia brought him home, and the dog immediately began to help. She licked and warmed the tiny creature as best she could.

And three days later, nature threw a surprise! Mittens got… milk! This is how the strong instinct of motherhood launched the processes in the body. Thanks to this, the kitten survived. After all, he was so small that more than anything in the world he needed mother’s milk.

The owner says that her ward is a wonderful mother, so the kitten grows and develops beautifully.

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