The man rescued a senior abandoned Husky shedding the vital problems!

John is a big animal lover and always comes to the rescue of those in need. He often takes dogs and cats on a temporary basis to prepare them for adoption. He is also the head of Ruff Riders Animal Transport, a volunteer network that transports animals by air from northern Canada to Ontario, where they can be more easily adopted or placed with foster families.

On one of these flights, he met Larry, a Siberian Husky mix, who was in very poor condition. This 11-year-old elderly Husky was attacked by other dogs, whose bites caused him serious injuries.

“Seeing the photos was heartbreaking. The attack he survived was one of the worst I have ever seen,” says John. Luckily, the vets were able to save him.

Larry was then taken to Paws Above Rescue, whose owners are friends of John. The structure also includes a boarding house, where he leaves his dog behind when he needs to board a plane to rescue others.

Upon landing, John promised Larry that he would take care of him and that he had nothing more to fear. He kept his word and even accepted it. “I thought about it for a few days and then decided that he would come home with me,” he says.

Despite what he went through, the Husky adjusted to his new home without difficulty. John says in particular that he enjoys the food he offers him so much that he starts dancing a little at every meal since he was adopted.

Larry quickly learned to walk on a leash. He is very outgoing and makes fun of everyone he meets. He has also been very gentle with the 5 dogs that John has adopted since his arrival.

John hopes this story will encourage more people to get older dogs.

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