The man got 18 weeks in jail for abusing and neglecting 36 dogs!

The dogs, locked in the dark in an unsanitary house, testified to the ordeal they had experienced. The poor animals have been taken care of by various associations that are working to provide them with the care they sorely need. The owner was immediately brought to trial and pleaded guilty to the charges against him.

37 dogs, including one deceased, a Yorkshire Terrier, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Border Collie, were found in a house in Eastbourne, England, following a report sent to local police.

The RSPCA officers who arrived were not prepared to discover the full horror of this place. It smelled putrid from the urine and excrement that littered the slippery floor.
When they entered, the dogs began to bark at the top of their voices. “It was a real nightmare. The noise was deafening. They all asked for help,” RSPCA inspector Cora Peters told the Mirror.

Most of the dogs were underweight, and rescuers found no traces of pet food in the dwelling.

Likewise, their fur was dirty, badly matted, and infested with parasites.

Despite the abuse they endured, the dogs welcomed the rescuers with open arms. They were glad to be safe at last.

Pregnant and lactating mothers are given special attention so that they can carry their pregnancy or feed their offspring properly.
The entire group was taken care of by the veterinary teams of 3 RSPCA partner shelters.

They were groomed and deformed after enjoying a good meal. The dogs are now recovering from their emotions, surrounded by the love of the volunteers who now take care of them.

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