The love to her dog is more that death which is inevitable. Tap the link and watch a video!

Valerie Alexander has few left and her most cherished desire is that her dog Rosie finds a loving family before she disappears. She makes a touching call.

Finding out you don’t have long to live is awful. Especially when a person is not sure about the future of those he loves. Valerie Alexander is in this situation, but she still hopes that her dog will be adopted before she dies.
Valerie Alexander lives in the Old Town area of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Seriously ill and unable to spend much time in this world, she has one last wish; that his dog Rosie finds a loving family.

“She is part of my family. She is my baby,” she says of the animal that has been by her side for 5 years. Rosie shared the good times with her, but also, and above all, was there for her during the most difficult times of her illness to comfort her.

Due to terminal brain cancer, Valerie Alexander has only a few weeks left to live, according to her doctor. She would like to meet Rosie’s future owners in order to make sure «after [her] departure, she will receive as much love as she gives.»

Rosie deserves to have «someone who loves her»

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