The long-awaited reunion of the dog and his owner! What a strong love! Tap the link and watch it!

Now Akim can enjoy a well-deserved retirement after a brilliant career as a military dog. Together with his best friend and former lover in the air force, he will experience this with the help of the animal welfare association.
Akim served with the US Air Force 51st Security Forces Squadron. This German Shepherd served there with his mistress Jenna Canada at the American Osan Air Base in South Korea.

Very close to each other, they became even more after the incident, which was almost fatal for the dog, according to People. After swallowing the bee, the animal began a terrible allergic reaction. Responding quickly, Jenna Canada took him to the vet.
She spent several nights by his side in his cubicle while he recuperated. Finally the dog came out and fully recovered. Therefore, the soldier decided to adopt him after his retirement.

However, their paths parted ways in November 2021. Jenna Canada was assigned to another mission while Akim remained at Osan Air Base. The separation was painful for both.

Akim’s trip from South Korea to Albuquerque, New Mexico, was organized by the American Humane Association. The reunion, full of emotions, took place on July 12.

Jenna Canada is determined to give him the peaceful and happy life he deserves after years of service. “I want him to see everything. I want him to know the freedom of life. He deserves to discover the world and have fun,” she says.

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