The life of Ashford family changed after the diabetes sniffer dog came into their son’s life!

Evan and his family found out that this little boy had type 1 diabetes when he was 5 years old. The child was at risk of seeing a sharp rise or fall in blood sugar, and this endangered his life.

For his family, the diagnosis was as terrifying as the day-to-day life that awaited him. Fearing that he would fall into a coma, his parents preferred not to go out. Her mother Claire told the BBC she «never wanted to leave the house. That was hard «.

But the advent of indie changed everything. A service and medical dog “provides that security for him by letting [him] know if something is wrong,” she says. Something that makes Claire say she’s «more relaxed».

Indy has been trained to smell subsequent drops and spikes in blood sugar. When he realizes that such an episode is about to happen, he alerts his parents, who can then give Evan his treatment.

It was Hypo Hounds, based in Ashford in Kent (South East England), that trained the quadruped and attributed it to Evan, who is now 8 years old.
The latter considers Indy to be «super smart». He says that the quadruped has «warned him hundreds of times» and that he is «so good at it».

Claire is extremely grateful to Indie and Hypo Hounds. That’s why she nominated the organization for the BBC Make A Difference Awards. Organized by the BBC during September, this event aims to honor those who improve the lives of others.

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