The kitten slips into an 8 cm pipe! If no one had noticed, you can’t imagine what could have happened… Firefighters did their best!

iAccording to YakTriNews on Monday, July 4, firefighters rescued a kitten that was stuck in an underground pipeline.

The rescue took place on Saturday, July 2, in Pasco, Washington (Northwest USA). That day, out of curiosity, a striped kitten appeared in front of the entrance to the pipe. A small quadruped climbed onto the entrance to the canal, and then fell inside.

Measuring only 8 centimeters in diameter, the PVC pipe has sunk almost 2 meters underground. If no one had noticed, the animal would definitely not have survived, because it was impossible for him to get out on his own.

Fortunately, the resident finally noticed this and, worried about the fate of the kitten, immediately called the emergency services.

The Pasco Fire and Rescue Service responded to the distress call. He sent a team to the scene. As soon as they arrived, firefighters began digging a hole to expand access to the conduit.

With great difficulty, they managed to get a young cat and return it to the open air. The rescue is not over yet; the kitten seemed to be having a hard time breathing after everything he had spent underground. He was given oxygen through a small mask suitable for pets. That’s what saved him.

According to a Facebook post from the Pasco Fire Department about the incident, the kitten made a full recovery. However, we do not know what happened next. He was most likely taken in by the local animal control agency or local shelter.

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