The incredible transformation of Coco will not leave you indifferent. Before and after, like this!

Coco, found in a deplorable state on the river bank, and the one whose photos we find a month later, have almost nothing in common. However, this is the same dog, rescued when his position seemed hopeless.
This is almost a resurrection experienced by Coco, a neglected and abandoned dog on the banks of a river in Mexico.

He was in a state of extreme thinness, having nothing but skin and bones. It was clear that he had not eaten anything for a long time. In addition, the quadruped was covered in fleas. In such conditions, he could not live for a few more days.
Luckily passers-by spotted him. Touched by his distress, they took him to the DELKA veterinary clinic located in Garcia in the state of Nuevo León (Northeast Mexico).

Thanks to the care received from the staff of the institution, Koko gradually began to recover. There he met wonderful people who gave him a lot of love. They helped him trust people again after everything he’d been through.

A month after entering the veterinary clinic, Coco became a completely different dog. He recovered, regained his energy, as well as his beautiful white speckled dress with a beautiful brown mark around his eye and ear.

More good news for the wonderful dog; one of the people who saved him became so attached to him that she decided to adopt him.

Thus, Koko became a new member of the family of this little girl’s father. Happy little clan including several other dogs. He still needs some treatment, including for a fungal infection, but he is feeling much better and happy in his new home.

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