The heartbreaking special reunite of traveling nurse and her stolen dog. Tap the link and watch a video!

In California, a nurse endured long hours of suffering after her dog was stolen from her mobile home. The latter was taken away by a man who is still wanted by the police.

The dog, stolen from the van, was found safe and sound near the place of the abduction and returned to its owner.
Mason Gray is originally from Florida and works as a traveling nurse. In her jeep and mobile home, she crosses the United States with her dog Bexley in order to intervene in various hospitals.

She was in Los Angeles last weekend to work at the city’s children’s hospital. She was on duty all night from Saturday to Sunday and left a 6-year-old Australian Shepherd in her trailer parked 5 minutes from the establishment.

When he returned on Sunday morning, it was an unpleasant surprise; the mobile home disappeared, as did Bexley. In a panic, the girl began to look for them everywhere.

She explains that she had already walked her dog around 10 p.m. the day before before she had something of a premonition. Mason Gray then wanted to take her with him again, but she was too busy with her work to do so.
She had no news of the animal until Monday morning, when she was able to view CCTV footage from a nearby business. We saw the van driver attach the mobile home to his car and leave with it. Mason Gray was angry and determined to find his dog.

On Monday evening, LAPD officers contacted her to tell her what she so desperately wanted to hear; Bexley has just been found unharmed, as is her mobile home, just a kilometer from where they disappeared.

Without wasting a moment, the nurse ran to her four-legged friend for a happy reunion. Mason Gray was also thrilled to have her guitar, piano and camera back, which she uses to entertain and comfort the children in her care.

The LAPD continues their investigation to find and arrest the suspect.

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