The Hairless Dog Was Taken Away From His Owner Right On The Street. Look At What A Chic Samoyed He Has Become! :)

Samoyed dogs are known for their luxurious white fur, so when a man from South Korea noticed that one such dog on the street was almost bald, he realized that the animal was in trouble and could not be pulled to save it. Only thanks to his determination and indifference, the dog is still alive!
The man stopped the owner of the dog and offered to give him the dog, which needed medical attention due to the painful condition of his skin.

After the owner ignored the passer-by’s remark, the passer-by threatened to inform the authorities about the cruelty to the animal, which was clearly present here. Then the owner of the dog gave up.

“The dog was obviously very sick, and the situation was very serious,” said Ek Park, founder of Free Korean Dogs. This organization rescues dogs from South Korea and helps them recover in North America.

As soon as the man took Dong-Jin (that was the name of the dog), he immediately took him to the emergency veterinary clinic for treatment, hoping that the dog would be helped here. But even they did not give any guarantees!

Veterinarian Park added: «His body and organs refuse to work, so we do not know if he can tolerate any treatment.”

But, despite the serious condition, the veterinarians continued to fight for the recovery of Dong-jin. Only thanks to their efforts the dog gradually recovered! She gained weight and even her fur grew back completely.
“After four months, we have already seen a big difference. And after six, he began to look like an ordinary well-groomed dog, as if there was nothing bad!” Park said.
Once the dog was able to leave the clinic, she was assigned to a family in a private shelter in the country. This made the animal the happiest creature! It seemed that Dong-Jin needed nothing more for a joyful life.)

Mr. Park posted a photo of the fluffy Dong Jin, who now looked just fine! In reality, the dog weighs 14 kg, but thick fur adds another 5 kg to his appearance.

Many people turned to the shelter with a desire to accept this handsome man, but only one family was lucky — Canadians from Vancouver.
“Now he is completely happy. He loves people so much! He is very sweet and gentle. It’s incredible. When I see photos of Dong Jin running on the grass, I become happier,” Park said.

But this wonderful reincarnation began with the indifference of one random passerby who decided not to stand aside!

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