The Girl Left The Dog In The Yard For A While, And The Cute Pet Decided Not To Be Bored And Messed Up

The fact that dogs can be playful and create a mess in the house, every owner knows. But the love for these cute creatures covers all the difficulties that the owner of the pet may face. And yet, sometimes surprises can be avoided if you carefully monitor the dog.

A girl named Shannon received a strict order from her mother not to leave her pet unattended. Apparently, mom knew the cute dog very well and understood that he had irrepressible energy.

But the girl went into the house and completely forgot about Bailey. She went to her room and sat down to correspond on the Internet with friends. When Shannon returned to the yard, the cute dog made a little mischief.

There were clear traces of the «crime» left by the pet. Only 10 minutes was enough for the four-legged friend to spoil the artificial turf, smear the paths with dirt and after that be in high spirits! And nothing that after the paws of the dog the garden turned into a sandbox!

According to the girl, she immediately guessed that Bailey had done something wrong. Usually, when he performs «miracles», the dog feels guilty and comes running to cuddle. This is a sure sign that now you have to clean or clean something.

And this time everything happened, as if according to the script. Shannon tried to fix the situation, but it didn’t work, so the girl left the mess as it is. Instead, the daughter decided to take a couple of pictures and show them to her mother in the hope that she would understand the situation and not scold her.

“Our dog is still a puppy and needs a lot of attention. That is why, sometimes the “imp” wakes up in him, says Shannon.

According to the girl, the pet has repeatedly tore her clothes apart, ruined things, and also ran away, and had to be caught up. Cheerful «little boy» to be sure!

And yet, despite the difficult nature, the hostesses sincerely love the fidget Bailey, and this is wonderful!

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