The Fluffy Ball, Named Bonsai, Was Born With A Cleft Lip.

Jacqueline DeAmore, founder of the Friends for Life Rescue Network (Los Angeles, USA), learned about a tiny kitten with a birth defect. The volunteer turned heaven and earth to give him a chance at life.

After receiving a call about a vulnerable kitten, Jacqueline DeAmore drove 4:30 a.m. to pick it up. The fluffy ball, nicknamed Bonsai, was born with a cleft lip. His muzzle and upper lip are shattered, but his palate is intact, reports Lovemeow.

In addition to being a victim of a congenital malformation, the feline was extremely small. The volunteer could compare it to his palm. The latter was determined to help it grow and prosper despite the challenges that might arise.

In the first days after his arrival, Bonsai was under round-the-clock care, his condition was initially quite stable, and then deteriorated sharply. The kitten had to be placed in intensive care.

On the road to recovery!

“We think he accidentally inhaled some mixture,” Jacqueline said, “he ended up getting pneumonia. An oxygen concentrator was installed to help the puny creature breathe.

“Over the course of several hours, he slowly went from panting to calm breathing,” his benefactor explained, “we were able to stabilize his thanks to the combination of a concentrator and an incubator.” »

Thanks to the dedication of the healers, Bonsai made a good recovery. The young cat ate well and grew. Gradually he fell in love with hugs. The charming Bonsai turns on his whirring engine whenever he is in the company of people.

After a few weeks Bonsai is in great shape! The hairball gained weight and strength. He starts using his little paws to explore his surroundings.
Playful and affectionate, he managed to overcome difficult trials, despite his young age. When he grows up, the champion of this obstacle course will be offered for adoption. he is currently too busy hugging all the volunteers and soaking up their love!

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