The dog, whom a women once gave a chance for a good life, years later repaid her with kindness, discovering a dangerous disease at the right time.

British Karen Ethier found her dog at Bath Cats and Dogs Home, where she worked as a manager. A 10-year-old dog — presumably a cross between a mastiff and a Staffordshire terrier — was brought there from the street. He was covered with dirt and abrasions, one of the paws hung with a whip literally «by a thread», and it had to be amputated. According to the veterinarian, he has never seen so many fractures in one limb in his practice. After the operation, Karen visited the ward. Seeing the sick three-legged dog in the shelter’s enclosure, Karen felt she wanted to take him home. Little did she know then that the dog she had given a chance at a good life would one day save her life.

Six years after Louie became part of the Karen family, the dog suddenly began to behave unusually. He kept poking his nose and head into the mistress’s chest, as if trying to tell her about something. A few days later, Karen groped for a lump in the exact spot Louis had indicated. The survey showed that the British woman has triple-negative breast cancer — and immediately in the third stage.

After six months of chemotherapy, surgery to remove her tumor and lymph nodes, and three weeks of radiotherapy, Karen finally went into remission. All the time while she was fighting a dangerous disease, Louis was nearby, who turned out to be an amazingly loyal and intelligent dog. “I was very scared, but Louis was always ready to support me,” recalls Karen.

According to the British woman, she partly owes her recovery to Louis. “I am so grateful to fate that he appeared in my life. He is the best dog in the world,” she says.

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