The dog was going to be adopted, and Duncan wrote letters of admiration to the future owners. You should really read this!!

Roman Duncan wants everyone to know that Maggie is «the best dog ever». Therefore, a 6-year-old boy wrote enthusiastic letters to future adoptive parents.
Maggie, a pit bull mix, was picked up by the North Coast Animal League of America (NSALA) last year when she was three apples tall. To help him thrive and develop properly, the puppy was given to a foster family, according to People magazine.

It was the Duncans, originally from Louisiana (USA), who met him with open arms. Their son Roman quickly became attached to the animal, although he knew that one day the time would come to say goodbye.

It was after months in this warm home that Maggie, who had grown old enough to be offered for adoption, had to return to Port Washington, to the NSALA shelter.

This separation, of course, upset the little boy, who formed a special bond with Maggie. Roman, wishing her all the happiness in the world, wrote extremely touching letters to her future adoptive parents. So this family surely knows how exceptional their furry friend is and deserves to be happy.

In his notes, the child, in part, claimed that «Maggie is the best dog you could ever ask for.» He also made a list of all the little things in life that she loves and enjoys, such as hugs or games.

The NSALA staff, whose hearts were won by this kind act, assured that Roman’s letters would be handed over to the adoptive parents. The organization hopes this wonderful experience will inspire other families to adopt pets in search of love and a better life.

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