The Dog Saved The Woman From Sadness When Her Daughter Left Their Home…

Kaylin Sellers, 18, graduated from high school this year. Everything would be fine, but her mother Nikki Stansberry was very sad.
The fact is that the woman loved to photograph her daughter every school year. She carefully kept all the pictures.

But Kailyn grew up and went to Eastern Washington State University. Now she will move to a hostel and her mother will see her less often.

“Photography has been a tradition in our family. It doesn’t matter if I liked it or not, but my mother always and everywhere took pictures of me,” says the girl.

The moment of parting of the daughter and mother was very touching. Nikki was very upset that she would no longer be able to photograph her beloved daughter. But she is the only child in the family.
Fortunately, the woman came up with an unusual idea. She decided to arrange a photo shoot for a dog named Duke.

“It was the first time I couldn’t take a photo at the beginning of the school year. After all, the daughter is already quite big. Then I looked at the Duke and thought that he could replace Kaylin in the photo,” says Nikki.

The owner decided that her dog was just perfect for filming. He is very active and is not averse to posing for the camera. 🙂

“He is my son – he will replace Cailin for me. She left me, and the Duke will never leave me,” the woman jokes.
The mother sent the resulting frames to her daughter. The girl was delighted with this idea and published a photo on her Twitter.

The tweet quickly gained popularity. Users were fascinated by the handsome Duke! 🙂

Thanks to the cute dog of the mother, it is really easier to survive the breakup!

Well, isn’t that cute? 🙂

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