The Dog Refuses To Leave The Place Where He Saw His Owners!

Suzette Hall lives in California and is actively involved in animal welfare.

Last week, Suzette got an urgent call about a dog on the railroad tracks.

A black dog was found on the railroad tracks and he refused to leave this dangerous place. It was the last place where the owners left him.
The dog stretched out on the paths and waited for the return of his owners. And even if he was hungry, he did not get up for the food that the rescuers brought him.

Suzette went to see the dog on the railroad tracks. The dog was very scared and afraid.
So Suzette had to use strategy. She set a trap with a chicken and a hot dog inside and went to hide so as not to scare the dog away.

She thought it would take the dog some time to agree to go out for food.
However, the abandoned dog was so hungry that when Suzette returned a few minutes later, he was already trapped.

Suzette named the dog Soldier and immediately took him to the vet to have him checked out.
The Soldier is now resting at the veterinary clinic while Suzette is looking for a loving family for him.

The dog gradually begins to trust people, wag his tail and allows veterinarians to pet him. Very encouraging signs!

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