“The dog ate rocks”. Woman arrested for cruelty to animals

An abused dog has been taken into the care of Lee County Animal Services in Florida (USA). His owner is facing an animal cruelty charge.
A resident of Lee County, Florida contacted police after discovering a dog living outside a home in unconscionable conditions. Following this alarming call, Sheriff Carmine Marceno and her team went to the home of Carmela Velazco Santiago for the investigation.

He’s like abusing a child

The dog, named Blanca, received water from her rescuers. The latter, of course, immediately removed her bonds and dropped her off at a local veterinary clinic. The dog, who suffered from a high fever, is currently receiving all the attention and care necessary for her good recovery. Now safe, we are certain that a brighter future is on the horizon for that pet.

As a result of this intervention, Carmela Velazco Santiago, 37, was arrested and charged with animal cruelty. After accomplishing his mission, the sheriff said that this file will now pass through the hands of the state’s attorney.

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