The dog always looks after his owner and brightens her days. What happened next?

Penny literally changed Olivia Laschenauer’s life. A 2-year-old female golden retriever became the help dog for this woman with PTSD, according to an article in Le Dodo, published April 14, 2022. The soft, soothing and caring animal remains the perfect companion for Olivia. “She is trained for day and night interventions,” she told our colleagues across the Atlantic.

When she became pregnant, the dog was even more alert. It must be said that her mission is very close to her and that her «mother» represents the world for her.

One day, the normally calm and relaxed dog seemed agitated, as if trying to convey a message to his protégé. Olivia surmised that her furry friend was reacting to the stress she felt overwhelmed by her scheduled exam at the time. «I’m in nursing school and that was my last checkup that day,» Olivia explained, rubbing her muzzle against my belly instead of my side.»

The female golden retriever regained her composure when she realized that the young mother was safe and healthy.

In addition to a special relationship with Olivia, she also developed a very strong bond with her new little brother. Penny even took on the role of «nanny». She loves to watch the baby and lie next to her.
Olivia can’t wait to see her four-legged friend and her baby grow up together. She knows her little boy will always have lucky star Penny to look after him.

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