The dog, abandoned in the parking lot by the former owners, was rescued by the association. Hope a loving family for this extremely cute boy will be found soon!

Clarence is the perfect family dog. He adores everyone, adults, children and relatives. However, that didn’t stop his owners from abandoning him in a supermarket parking lot after spending his entire life on the street at their property. He never knew the love and warmth of home.

So after finding himself roaming all night, this 4-year-old golden retriever cross befriended two other street dogs, in this case a German Shepherd and a Chihuahua.

The local animal control agency spotted the trio and captured two of them, Clarence and the German Shepherd. He then contacted his owners, who did not want to take him back. There are animals in the shelter, which in his case are under threat of euthanasia. As such, Clarence was in grave danger until Hounds In Pounds intervened. This association, based in Wayne, New Jersey, took care of the two dogs and has been trying to find a new home for them ever since.

This dog is «an angel in the truest sense of the word.»
The Hounds In Pounds team describes Clarence as «sweet, kind and very grateful to be safe». On social media, the organization adds that the quadruped’s dress resembles the sun when it shines, like his personality, «warm and radiant to all who know him.»

The volunteers hope that he will be adopted very quickly so that he can finally experience the happy life that should have been his forever.

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