The disappearance of the tabby three-legged cat was very mysterious … See for yourself!

For a week and a half, the owners of Reba, a cat without a leg, had no idea where she could be. She disappeared when they returned from vacation. Residents of the area and surrounding areas showed solidarity in helping the family find her.

The Reba returned home safe and sound. This cat disappeared a few days earlier, prompting a strong mobilization both locally and on social media.

For 7 years, Reba has never traveled far from her owners’ home, located between Merioneth and Monmouth Streets in Bristol, England. However, this is what happened recently with a tabby cat with three legs. His people realized this only when they returned from vacation.

Described as very friendly and talkative, she was last seen outside her home on Friday, August 19, meowing in pain. His owners asked neighbors to keep an eye on him.

«Reba is back! Great people found her.»

They also launched a witness call on social media, specifically on Twitter. «I know it’s unlikely but if anyone here sees a three legged tabby cat in South Bristol let me know,» tweeted the owner.

Their torment ended thanks to people who recognized the feline not far from there. The great news was announced on Twitter 10 days after his disappearance. Reba is back! Lovely people found her last night (about 2.5 km from our house!) and took her away to look after her, ” per the message.

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