The couple traverses the US Northwest on a bike and travels over 6,000 kilometers to raise funds for animal relief.

Accompanied by her husband and dog, the woman embarked on a journey of more than 6,000 kilometers by bicycle across the United States. Her goal is to raise as much money as possible to support the orphanage where a couple adopted their four-legged friend.

Departing from Washington state in the northwestern United States, the couple hopes to reach Jacksonville Beach, literally on the other side of the country on the southeast coast, in 30 days. The peculiarity of this long journey is that Vicki Connell makes it on a bicycle. The challenge she is taking on for a good cause is reported by First Coast News on Monday, June 20.

In fact, the cyclist is hoping to raise as much money as possible to donate to Safe Animal Shelter, a Florida shelter. This is where she and her husband Jim adopted their dog Luna 4 years ago. The animal is also on their side in this wonderful adventure.

Vicki Connell pedals during the day, with Jim and Luna following her aboard the motorhome where the trio spend their nights. The family arrived halfway through and has so far managed to raise the equivalent of 5,000 euros for the association. The goal is to double that amount when he arrives in Florida.

Some stages were especially difficult. Vicki Connell specifically mentions climbing her «highest pass in Colorado» at 19 kilometers. “I literally drove in the rain for 5 hours. Torrential rain, she says.

Luna, a dog with a painful past, is the inspiration for this journey.
In 2018, Vicki and Jim adopted Luna, a black German Shepherd who was abused before being rescued and taken to an animal shelter. His owner explains that at first she was afraid of the dog, which was constantly barking. She realized that his barking, which she took for a sign of aggression, was in fact just a call to play.

Luna brings a lot of joy and happiness to the family, so she decided to express her gratitude to the organization that saved her. The dog has become a source of inspiration and motivation for Vicki.

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