The Cat, Who Was Close To The Worst, Is Now Enjoying A Happy Life With His New Family.

Accidentally discovered in a pile of garbage Panda was locked in 2 bags, obviously trying to get rid of this cat in the most cruel way. 3 months after his rescue, he is leading a better life with his foster family, who has become his forever.

Rescued by a garbage sorter and then by the Animal Welfare Association, the cat, who was close to the worst, is now enjoying a happy life with his new family. It is reported by NY Daily News on Monday, May 9.

On February 6, a used tin can collector made an unfortunate discovery amid the trash in New York City’s Bronx; a cat trapped in 2 bags and desperately trying to get free. The holes his claws made in the plastic containers were evidence of his futile attempts to get out of the trap.

Luckily, the animal in the black and white dress was still alive, albeit in very poor condition. Her rescuer dialed 911, the emergency number.
His caretakers called Panda, the cat was examined and cured. Extremely thin, suffering from a gastrointestinal infection and dermatological conditions, he was clearly neglected by his former owners before being abandoned.

Despite everything he had just gone through, Panda immediately showed himself to be gentle, kind and sociable with those who cared for him. Volunteers and veterinarians easily manipulated him during checkups, vaccines and blood tests.

After 5 days, the agreement was such that the young woman finally decided to adopt him, although she had not originally intended to do so. “I realized how comfortable he is with us. He already felt at home,” she explains.

Abigail Jasak insisted there are «other solutions» for when you can no longer keep your pet. «You can take him to a shelter,» continues Panda’s student and new owner. I really can’t understand how someone could abandon such a cute cat. »

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