The cat meets his soldier dad! It’s really touching! Tap the link and watch a video!

Returning home after several months of deployment, a soldier is entitled to the mo
st festive reception from one of his cats. Named Finn, the latter exploded with joy when he saw him open the door. All this was filmed by the soldier’s companion.

In most of the videos showing the reunion of a pet and its long-absent owner, the main character is a dog. However, despite being considered more independent and less rambunctious, cats also know how to show their joy when they find their human after a period of separation.

Finn’s attitude is the best proof of that. The demeanor of this adorable Ragdoll is a perfect fit to describe the character of the breed, which is known for its boundless gentleness and affection.

Finn finally gets the hugs he’s been missing for so long.

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