The Cat, Lost For 3 Years, Found His Owners, Who Lost Their Hope

The story of Mustik and its owners has a happy ending. However, his owners lost all hope of ever finding their beloved cat. But thanks to his microchip and the work of the Northern France Animal Defense League (LPA-NF), the cat was able to return home.

Isabelle Nevers and her husband adopted their cat Mustik from an LPA-NF shelter in Roubaix. Everything went for the best. Mustik enjoyed a good life in his new home. As for the couple, he was delighted with this feline presence.

The striped stray cat liked to walk alone, but always returned in the evening. However, Mustik did not return on May 10, 2019, as usual. He has lost his way.

Isabelle and her husband went looking for her in vain. They also posted an alert on the Pet Alert Facebook group in the hope that someone would see it.

Days, months and years passed, and the couple did not receive news from Mustik. Isabelle and her husband didn’t really believe it anymore. However, May 27, 2022 is a surprise. Isabelle was contacted by the Animal Welfare League of Northern France to let her know that their cat was waiting for them in a safe place at the shelter.

The sterling service did bring back a local business that had escaped from the building. Luckily, Mustik was identified with an electronic chip, so the association was able to easily contact its owners.
The next morning, Isabelle and her husband went to the animal shelter to pick up their cat. No one can say what Mustik has been through in these 3 long years, but he is doing well.
Traumatized by the bad experience, his owners decided to buy a GPS-enabled cat collar. In this way, Mustik can continue to roam as he pleases without disturbing his masters.

The shelter reminded in a Facebook post that this story has a happy ending thanks to identification. Indeed, 95% of cats caught per pound have no chips or tattoos, and only 5% of them find their owner.

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