The cat is iPad genius! Canadian cats got iPads. Tap the link and watch a video!

Members of the animal welfare of the Canadian city of Regina decided to introduce cats to the benefits of technological progress. To do this, the defenders have developed a special program for training and development of four-legged pets with the help of an iPad.
To teach a cat to use a modern gadget, no effort is needed — they themselves perfectly master the skills of working with an iPad in a matter of seconds. Fluffies are great at catching virtuoso mice, birds or fish that quickly flicker on the screen.

Executive director Lisa Koch says that pets have the opportunity to play on their owners’ gadgets, and the shelter is trying to reproduce the home environment as much as possible. Cats like to chase prey — it’s their instinct, so they were given the opportunity to hunt on iPads.

At the moment, there are just under 300 furry kepters in the shelters of the Regina Society for the Protection of Animals. Naturally, it is not possible to give everyone a gadget, but this is not necessary. Cats are happy to share the available iPads among themselves, there are even collective games.

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