The cat and her kittens, abandoned in a transport box on the sidewalk, are happy to enjoy their new cozy nest!

A cat and her babies were found on a sidewalk in Las Vegas (USA). The wool balls locked in the shipping crate were removed and taken to a safe location.

People left shipping boxes on the sidewalk in Las Vegas and left without looking back. The first box contained a cat and her 6 kittens, and the second box contained 2 adult cats who were supposed to be the mother cat’s brother and sister.

Fortunately, passers-by were drawn to these cowardly abandoned souls. The Good Samaritans kept the cats warm for the night and called for help. Everyone deserves a better life.

The local association took care of two adults to sterilize them and offer them for adoption. As for the mother and her offspring, they were placed in a foster family. It was Ellen Richter who opened the doors of her house to them.

A cat named Valentina was exhausted as a result of these ordeals.
“She lay down and fell into a deep sleep,” said her benefactor, “I sat on the floor, talking softly to her, letting her know that she had nothing to worry about anymore.»

Over time, Valentina showed that she was very attached to her foster mother. Along with demanding hugs, she is also very protective of her kittens.

They have a roof over their heads and everything they need to grow up big and strong. Valentina seems to be delighted that a caring woman is helping her and her kittens to flourish.

“When I sit on the floor with her, she just wants to be near me and longs for human affection,” Ellen said, “I tell her how beautiful she is, and I tell her that we will find a place for her, a home that will love and cherish her.»

That precious pets will never have to worry about their fate again. The fairy who took them in spoils them every day and plans to find the perfect home where they can live the VIP life they always deserve.

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