The Bikszers have lost all hope of finding their cat Ash, who has been missing for 3 years. Everything changed when they received a call from the association’s employees…

Rhu and Avi Bikszer and their daughters Slade and Cheyenne, aged 14 and 7, live in Bend, Oregon (Northwest US). All was going well for the family until Ash, their 10-year-old cat, disappeared.

Rhu Bikszer thought he would never see him again. “We assumed it was eaten because there are so many predators around us. Owls, hawks, coyotes, badgers… So, we assumed the worst,” she said.

«It’s funny,» Slade told the Central Oregon Daily News. . Another time I was talking to my father. I asked him if he remembered Ash. A few days later we received a call and were told that he was alive.”

The call in question came from the Humane Society of Central Oregon. The association has just collected it and handed it over to the ID chip reader. It was thanks to the latter that she received the coordinates of the Bikszers, in order to tell them incredible news in 3 years.
Ash was found less than 10 kilometers from his owners. He was probably adopted by another family.

Avi and her daughters adopted him from the orphanage. At first, the cat was indecisive and timid. Then he began to sniff them and recognized them. Then he relaxed and began to purr.

They then took him to the vet as he had a problem with his mouth. The practitioner explained to them that it was either an abscess or a tumor. The Bixzers are waiting for the biopsy results to find out.
We wish Ash and his family never be separated and avoid all hardships.

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