The beautiful story of Dobby, a dog found in bad condition on the road, is in great shape today in his new home.

In late August 2022, as a heat wave hit the US state of Louisiana, a man found a young dog crawling along a busy road.

The unfortunate woman, later named Dobby, was suffering from a high temperature of bitumen. She was also severely emaciated and hairless.

So the man stopped his car to save her. After getting her drunk, he contacted the Bayou Buddies Association to take care of her.

Dobby was taken to the veterinary clinic for a thorough examination. It turned out that she suffered from severe demodicosis, which causes not only itching, but also hair loss.

Dobby found himself in a caring and loving foster family. She received many therapeutic baths aimed at getting rid of ticks that cause discomfort.
In addition, his benefactors have prepared good little healthy puppie-friendly meals.

“At first she rested a lot in her new basket to recuperate,” they said.

Dobby now felt literally better and found the joy of life. It was decided to airlift her to the Greater Good Charities, so that she would have a better chance of meeting her adoptive parents.

Dobby already looked very different. Her hair slowly grew back, revealing its beautiful color.

Fortunately, on Thursday, September 15, 2022, the shelter posted the good news on their Facebook page. The young man fell in love with a cheerful girl and wanted to adopt her in order to give her the warm home she deserved.

Dobby started his new life with his happy owner. Therefore, a beautiful and long existence filled with joy is proclaimed to her.

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