The aim of the project is to help these animals find new loving families by making them more needed…

A teacher and a volunteer at the shelter had the idea to start a very good project involving her students in the animal shelter. The students wrote letters and drew pictures to promote the adoption of the dogs and cats that live there.
Visitors and prospective adopters at Richmond Animal Care & Control in Virginia can now admire the beautiful artwork and heartwarming lettering on boxes of dogs and cats waiting for their chance. These are the work of children, in this case CE1 students at St. Michael’s Episcopal School in Richmond, according to the New York Post.

This is a joint project between the school and the orphanage. The goal is to help these animals find new loving families by making them more visible.
» Hi! I’m sitting Chip Pitato, maybe we’ll read it on one of these letters. I am Pitbull. I won’t harm you. I’ll give you tons of kisses! I like the asylum, but it is with you that I want to live.” Text accompanied by a drawing of a dog.

Each of the students in this program was paired with a cat or dog from the Richmond Shelter. He was asked to take the animal’s point of view when writing a letter addressed to his future family.

Kensey Jones, a teacher at that school and a volunteer at the orphanage, had an idea that Christy Peters, the receptionist director, fully followed.

“This project allowed me to combine my two biggest passions: teaching children and helping animals in need,” says the teacher.

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