That hero dog was waiting for 6 hours until they save his best friend who got hit by a car! Tap and watch a video!

The couple rescued two stray dogs, one of which was seriously injured. After a stay at the veterinary clinic, the animal was able to find the comforting paws of his best friend. Touching scene.

Samantha Zimmer and her fiancé George Deeks turned to two stray dogs, one of which was hit by a car. The couple, who set up a host family for the association Lola’s Lucky Day (Texas, USA), searched the area where the duo was spotted. Indeed, Samantha and George relied on a Facebook post by a local resident observing the vagrants.

When they arrived, they saw the one they called Cory lying on the road. His companion, who was given the name Matvey, was in an anxious state and lay nearby in a ditch. Cory reportedly stayed by his friend’s side for several hours until they were rescued.

“First we rescued Cory, and then we followed Matthew out of the ditch,” Samantha said, “the ditch was holding back the water, so we had to drag him further up the bank to get him out safely. Seeing the rescuers, the victim could not help but wag his tail. «We knew he was grateful and he was a warrior,» Samantha added.

After putting the two dogs in their car, the couple drove straight to the veterinary clinic to pick up Matthew. A dog involved in a car accident is seriously injured. Staying in the clinic allowed him to get back on his feet. But most of all Matthew needed the presence of his best friend.

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