That cutie hilariously refuses to take part in his hydrotherapy sessions. Tap the link and watch a video!

Lil Hobbs is not into sports. This older dog prefers quiet walks and lying on the bed rather than exercise. Videos of his main hydrotherapy sessions, regularly posted on Instagram, are therefore very often amused by his many fans.
Most dogs love to exercise, but Lil Hobbs isn’t exactly like that. At the age of 12, this Chihuahua cross no longer has the enthusiasm of youth, but above all, its grumpy nature makes it reluctant to play sports.

This elderly dog lives in San Diego, California with his owner, Katherine H. The 34-year-old adopted him on Christmas Eve 2016 from the New York-based Tails of Love Animal Rescue Shelter Association.

His age and health problems (cataracts, osteoarthritis, dental problems, lameness, etc.) require different types of treatment. Since July 2021, he has been participating in hydrotherapy sessions to relieve the condition of the joints. Despite the best efforts of his mistress and the center staff, Lil Hobbs is rarely enthusiastic when he indulges in it.
His laziness and a «grumpy grandfather» inside him don’t make their job any easier. “He doesn’t get along very well with people either,” says Katherine H. So he can be raised a bit during the sessions.” This can be seen in the video below.

At home, he gets along more or less with Odie, the house cat. He sometimes tolerates her kisses, provided she doesn’t overdo it. In fact, it all depends on his mood on that day.

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