Thank God, thanks to the operation, this little cat with a tumor in the tail managed to come back to life!

A young cat who was born with a very rare form of tumor in her tail had to undergo complex surgery to remove it. The growth in question contained hair, teeth, and bones, among other things, as if it were an incomplete twin.

In Turkey, a cat successfully underwent surgery after veterinarians found a teratoma on her tail, according to the Daily Sabah. This is the first such case in the country and the second in the world.

At the age of 4 months, the Siamese female recovered perfectly from the operation, which was especially difficult. This was performed at a veterinary clinic in Ankara by Dr. Emir Düzgören and colleagues.

The owner of a young cat, Busra Nur Yildiz, brought her to the clinic after she noticed a disturbing bump on her tail. X-rays showed that bone tissue had formed in this mass. Subsequent tests confirmed that it was a teratoma.

Teratoma arises from primitive germ cells. It may be mistaken for a «twin» or «Siamese» with incomplete development and stuck to an individual, but this is not so. It’s really a tumor.

After the operation, the animal had 2 months of recovery. Today he feels great, and he no longer has traces of the tumor.

Emir Duzgören adds that this cat will be the subject of an article to be published in a medical journal given the rarity and complexity of this case.

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