Tap the link and watch a video how the man saves a cat from a hurricane Ian. It’s amazing!

The scene was filmed by Megan Cruz Scavo, a girlfriend of budding lifeguard Mike Ross. A California couple is used to hurricanes like Jena. However, Mike admitted that the latter was «particularly terrible».

Knowing what to expect, Mike and Megan, who live in Bonita Springs in southwestern Florida (USA), took refuge nearby with the young man’s parents, because their house was already under water fire.
“They have something like a fortress that can withstand hurricanes,” he said.

On Wednesday, September 28, around 2:00 pm, the entire little family was well-hidden and watched helplessly as wind gusts soon reached 240 kilometers per hour.

Suddenly, Mike noticed a stray cat in poor condition.

The unfortunate man was trapped in the midst of rising water. It was located on top of the air conditioner outside the building. He was in danger of being carried away at any moment.

Mike ran outside just as Ian was about to land. Knee-deep in the stream, he went up to the unfortunate man, pressed him tightly to his chest and brought him home.

“He was terrified, but he was all right,” the Good Samaritan testified, before adding that he was now wisely waiting with them for the storm to pass.

Mike and Megan also admitted that if they can’t find his owners, they will adopt him.

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