Taka the dog is still in great pain from the burns from the fire. Despite the pain and blindness, the vet’s love saves him…

Taka went through torment after a terrible fire that partially destroyed the house of its former owners. This 8-year-old Shiba Inu was on the front porch when a fire broke out at his then-family’s home. All residents hurriedly left the premises after unsuccessful attempts to reach the trapped animal. Miraculously, the latter managed to escape before being picked up shortly afterwards by a neighbor who took him to the Care More Animal Hospital in Martinez, Georgia (southern USA).

Tak’s eyes, mouth, ears, and belly were severely burned. Unfortunately, he eventually lost his sight. After receiving first aid, including from veterinarian Emily Martin, he was transferred to the University of Georgia Animal Clinic to be connected to an oxygen machine.

2 days later, Taka’s condition allowed him to return to Care More Animal Hospital where Emily Martin was waiting to continue caring for him.

The young woman was upset by the situation of this dog. She stayed by his side to make him forget the pain by singing sweet songs to him. She even took him home one night so he wouldn’t feel lonely. She stayed up until dawn to monitor his condition and comfort him.

Emily Martin was so attached to Taka that she considered adopting him. However, she knows very well that with 5 other dogs and a 7 month old baby already, her home is not the ideal place for a special needs dog like this injured and blind Shiba Inu.

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