Taco Loves His Little Human Sister Madly…

Relationships between dogs and children are often very special. When the dog is a golden retriever, a breed known for its gentleness and patience with little ones, only scenes of great tenderness like that can be observed.

By the way, the English-language Indian media have circulated a particularly touching video in which «Goldie» named Taco behaves like a real guardian angel with the daughter of his owners.

His attachment to the child is extremely strong, as evidenced by the numerous photos and videos where you can see the duo at work on the dog’s Instagram account. There he is followed by almost 8,000 subscribers.

According to the profile description, Taco is registered with the AKC (American Kennel Club) and lives in Charlotte, North Carolina (eastern USA). We also learn that he «likes to say hello to his little sister every morning.»

“What a loving and caring dog,” commented one person who saw the footage on social media. «Mission Accomplished,» wrote another, referring to the well-known music accompanying the video, in this case «Mission Impossible.»

Taco can breathe… Until the next adventure of his young human friend.

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