Suffering from severe dry eyes, Teddy gradually lost his sight and was in danger of becoming completely blind. Look what happened next…

After unsuccessful attempts at treatment, the decision was made to operate. The operation changed the life of this dog.
The miniature schnauzer can see and enjoy life to the fullest again after a delicate operation, Mirror reports.

8 year old Teddy lives with his owners in Stowmarket in Suffolk (East of England). His owner Tracey Bonser, 53, became very worried when he noticed that he was starting to hit the walls and had difficulty orienting himself while walking.

She took him to the vet, who found that his tear ducts were not functioning properly. This caused severe dry eyes and caused him to lose his sight.

At first, procedures were prescribed, but they did not give the desired effect. Teddy’s eyes remained desperately dry. In addition to worsening his vision, it also caused him pain and irritation. Surgery was the only way out.

A complex surgical procedure is planned, consisting of redirecting one of his salivary glands to his eyelids. In January 2022, the operation of transposition of the parotid duct was successfully performed.

Since then, Teddy’s saliva has lubricated his eyes, as have his tears. The dog «recovered brilliantly from the operation.» Now every time he sniffs, thinks, or eats food, saliva appears in both of his eyes,” says Dr. Georgina Fricker, who operated on him.

The dog’s vision has improved significantly. To date, the animal has fully recovered, to the delight of its owner. «It’s wonderful,» says Tracey Bonser. Teddy returned to his normal self and became mischievous again. It’s a big relief.»

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