Stray kittens are looking for a place to hide at all costs, sometimes at the risk of their lives. Choosing a manhole cover when a storm was approaching was really not the best option.

Luckily, the association and firefighters mobilized to help him before he drowned.

The Biker Animal Force Association rescued the mother cat in mid-May 2022 in the town of Barentin in Seine-Maritime. However, one of her kittens was nowhere to be seen. Without giving up, members of the shelter returned to the scene in order to find the child. He was noticed on May 18, but it was impossible to help him.

Indeed, the little one was «stuck in a hatch at the level of the post depot,» explained Sandy, a Biker Animal Force volunteer, who therefore contacted the city’s fire department.

“The first time they came in the morning, they tried to find a kitten, but very delicately. We were very afraid that he would drown when we saw that a storm was coming in the afternoon,” Sandy told.

Therefore, the rescuers called the firefighters back, as it was impossible to lift the heavy concrete slab that prevented access to the site. So this time they moved again with the appropriate equipment.
To coax the little cat, the team used the trick: «The baby didn’t meow anymore. So we tried the method of broadcasting a video of a mother cat calling her offspring in the background, and it worked. The kitten started crying again, which made her rescue easier,” Sandy said.

The baby turned out to be a female. She was found safe and sound, named Tia, and dabbled with the members of the orphanage for several days.

Then Tia was adopted by a loving family. Biker Animal Force warmly thanked the firefighters for their dedication with a chocolate bulletin.

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