Stray, a video game featuring a stray cat, is gaining more and more fans among the felines.

Stray, a video game about the adventures of a stray cat, has just launched and already has a large fan base. Obviously, cats also like the opus, not virtual, but quite real. As evidenced by the tweets, there are more and more of them, indicating that they are passionate about the gameplay.

Last June we told you about Stray, this adventure video game developed by the French studio BlueTwelve and published by Annapurna Interactive. Its protagonist is a red-haired feral cat who is accompanied by a drone named B12.

In Stray, the player takes on the role of a street cat who must evolve in an inhospitable city littered with obstacles and dangers.

His goal is to get out of this hostile place, but in order to do so, he must overcome many traps, deal with bad encounters, and solve a mystery.

The game was released on July 19 on various platforms: PC, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. It has already captivated many gamers, but not only they appreciated this title, the preparation of which was announced 2 years ago at the PlayStation 5 conference in 2020 .

These cats that look at the Tramp, can’t tear themselves away from him.
The cats also seem to be very interested in the adventures of the Tramp. This is something we can understand by discovering the Twitter posts collected by the Cats Watching Stray account.

We see, in fact, photos and videos where cats are literally glued to screens displaying game sequences.

Like here with Kisa, whose cat named Yuki is looking at Tramp, wondering where the meow is coming from.

Or Dave Wood and his friend Sokka, who watch their virtual relative with great interest while he sleeps on a pillow.

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