Stranger was willing to travel 500+ miles to reunite missing dog with his disabled owner!

In this society, often criticized for selfishness, there are still small gestures of humanity that warm the heart. In northern Alabama (USA), a disabled woman desperately tried to cure her dog, found 800 kilometers from her home. Fortunately, she could count on the help of the Good Samaritan.

Chris ran away from home in February, much to the chagrin of his landlady. The latter mourned her four-legged companion for a whole month. After that agonizingly long time, Stacey Staton Elam was contacted by the Pender County Animal Shelter.

Much to her relief, the dog was picked up by volunteers and identified using its microchip. However, the organization was located in North Carolina… more than 500 miles from his home!

No one knows how the black-robed dog ended up so far from home. Alas, its disabled owner could not go on such a long journey. “I am on disability, so there was no way to get to North Carolina,” said the American.

Therefore, the shelter staff sent a call for help on Facebook. When Holly Stahl found out about this SOS, she immediately contacted Stacey. This is how a kind soul made the 9-hour journey to let two friends meet again. “I couldn’t leave them apart,” the driver admitted, “it was very nice to put them together!»

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