Stolen from his home in Toulouse, the Siberian Husky was found in…Tap the link and watch a video!

The disappearance of Zach has excited and mobilized many Internet users. First of all, he plunged the son of Johan, his owner, into deep grief, as Margo, the latter’s friend, explained. “A little boy cries every night for his best friend…,” she said in a video accompanying a petition/call for help launched on the MyOpinions platform and signed by nearly 20,000 people.

Fortunately, the child was able to dry his tears after learning the wonderful news announced by the same Margot on Tuesday, August 2. His beloved dog has indeed been found!
This odd — eyed Siberian Husky went missing last May from his home in Toulouse . He was probably kidnapped, as he was later seen in the company of a homeless man.

The newly microchip-identified quadruped was spotted near the Jeanne d’Arc metro station in the city centre. According to evidence collected by Margot, the dog, who was not even a year old, had lost weight, and his paws were in poor condition. 32-year-old Johan and his entourage did not stop looking for him.

However, it was in Narbonne, 150 kilometers from the Pink City, that the gendarmes eventually found and seized the dog.

The young woman shared the news and thanked everyone who signed the petition and supported it.

On Tuesday, Zach was in a shelter for treatment, and his family was supposed to pick him up either that evening or Wednesday morning.

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