Stolen Dorset puppy found 160 miles away from home — but eight are still missing !

The story is oddly reminiscent of the story of the 101 Dalmatians cartoon. 9 puppies were stolen from the home of a breeder who is now looking for them. The local police are investigating in parallel. The baby was found, but 9 are still missing, to the chagrin of their unconscious mother.

Samantha Kittle, an American Bulldog breeder from Bournemouth, UK, experienced the unthinkable on May 24, 2022. She and her partner Joe Fidus were awakened at 4:20 am by male voices on the first floor of their home.

By the time they got down, it was already too late. Thieves stole 9 puppies. There were 6 babies in the batch from one litter, only 4 weeks old. The other 3 were 2 months old and had just started weaning.

The breeder immediately contacted the police and filed a burglary report. Police began searching for witnesses on social media. The case aroused great interest, the post was shared more than 8600 times.

Police officers found the baby on June 2 in the Saffron Walden area, 250 kilometers from the theft site. Adam Manley, lifeguard, said «One fell, eight left».

The pup, who is now 5 weeks old, managed to find his mother, House, who is very depressed about the disappearance of her babies. “She is a little lost. She did not even move during the bus trip to pick up her offspring, the travelers had to step over her. She was just staring at the empty shipping crate next to her,» Samantha told the Mirror.

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